Idea person?

YOU HAVE...a WOW idea
with little funds to implement it?

Browse IdeaMama’s programs to find assistance you need introducing your “baby” to the world.

IdeaMama’s BabyFame program
IdeaMama’s BabyFame program makes the baby and its parents famous. Your Personal Publicist in partnership with Your Personal Paparazzi possess all necessary tools and techniques to create a BUZZ around your business idea or invention. But more importantly– we tell the world about you.

IdeaMama’s BabyWash program
IdeaMama’s BabyWash program makes your baby clean and happy. Your Personal Brain Storming Team will make sure that your idea is polished and as close to perfection as you want it to be.

IdeaMama’s BabyStyle program
IdeaMama’s BabyStyle program will give your baby a stylish and glamorous look. We might not invest time in hair style and a fancy wardrobe for you, but Your Personal Branding Consultant will make sure that your idea looks attractive to investors, future employees and clients. It needs a cool winning logo, brand identity and unique memorable ad concept. Not to mention, a business plan for your new venture.

IdeaMama’s BabyWalk program
IdeaMama’s BabyWalk program will establish a path for your baby to travel the world and present itself to unlimited opportunities. Your Personal Marketer will consult and manage a team of award winning designers to create a web-presentation for your idea, develop marketing strategy and design sales support materials to be presented to investors and future clients.

IdeaMama’s BabyCash program
IdeaMama’s BabyCash program will assist you to raise some extra cash to make a good living for your baby and his parents. Your Personal Financial MatchMaker will spend sleepless nights finding necessary capital for your new venture. Give a number, don’t be shy!
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IdeaMama’s BabyShaker program
IdeaMama’s BabyShaker program will be there for your baby in its best and worst times. Your Personal Sales Representative will assist your business to acquire revenue by implementing effective sales campaigns by using outbound call centre facilities, direct mail and e-commerce solutions. We will design an efficient incentive program to fit your business needs.

IdeaMama’s BabyFun program
IdeaMama’s BabyFun program is designed to make sure that baby’s parents have time to enjoy new life between all those annoying interviews, camera flashes and boring meetings. Become a member and visit the IdeaMama Club, regularly, to get inspired by our speakers and dozens of other inventors and innovators. Let’s call it Courage Management and start to have fun with a new idea!


YOU HAVE...funds to invest, but can not find an idea that WOWs you?

We have lots of great inventions that are waiting to be adopted by someone who possess resources and the desire to make a difference.

Whether or not you know what you are looking for, let the Director of our “baby-adoption” department contact you to arrange an appointment and present a few projects that will, definitely, WOW you.


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