Corporate Information

With the fundamental premise to offer business consultancy for entrepreneurs and inventors, IdeaMama Group is a firm of specialized professionals in all facets of business, giving consultancy to our clients with a new culture of service, where businesses need support that guarantees the healthy development of initial entrepreneurial concepts.

IdeaMama’s programs are designed for talented individuals to make a bold statement, “I am!” for their idea. We are a bridge between an idea and a business empire; dedicated to plan, structure and market your idea, raise necessary capital, recruit, motivate and train your future employees, and finally bring your product to the market.

President's Message

There is so much beauty in this world that sometimes it gets lost in the daily routine of beholder...
And I don't know if there are many possessions that are more beautiful than the dreams of an innocent child.

We are not children anymore... fortunately enough... <smile> Now, in mature age, we have the ability to overcome more barriers to make our dreams come true. There will be always people who are sceptical about your dreams and always keep scissors in their pockets ready to trim your wings; there will be always days when it feels like the dreams are too heavy to carry... Don't let anything or anyone in this world take you down. Your dreams are pure no matter what... just know it. Either you can choose to let your dream remain just a dream or you can make an effort to bring it to reality... there is real beauty in dreaming... So dream! And dream big if it feels good.

Some impatient souls can say "Dreams? Ideas? Great, but where is my money?" Well, your money is in banks; it's just a small matter to transfer it to your account. All one needs to do is use a little "gray matter" and take action. There are so many people in the world who are willing to contribute to our dreams; we just have to open our minds and spirit to unlock the door to a creative collaborative process. We cannot do everything on our own; we should not even try. There is not only much greater result but also much more joy in following your life's path with like-minded people, with spirits that support your free flight far away from the ground to feel untouchable.

The venture only starts from the idea, but it takes much more to make things happen. Ideas can be born in a flash, but solid business ventures cannot. The business world is not the best place for immediate satisfaction... It requires passion, commitment, belief, and passionate follow through... You probably know it already if you tried to build at least one. So try again, dream big and we will always be there for you with tools that bring the pieces together and help your new idea shine.

Yes, every venture is not just the result of comprehensive planning, hard work, selecting your partners, learning about your own abilities and from colleagues, a new environment, but overcoming the inherent challenges. Isn't that the beauty of life?

We have designed and launched, unique creative space to help independent and corporate inventors to turn their ideas into great accomplishments and design inventions that change lives. We are dedicated to educate and inspire social entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators and help them to connect with experts and build successful partnerships. The club will also help investors to find unique investment opportunities and fund the most promising innovative projects.

So, join, what are you waiting for? Let's live, let's enjoy the journey, let's co-create... with patience and passion...

100% yours,

Olga Kostrova,
IdeaMama Group